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Heli-air Imaging aerial video & photography

Heli-Air Imaging - providing aerial photography plus 4K and HD video to the construction industry, architects, surveyors, estate agents etc.  CAA approved pilot with full Public Liability and PI Insurance.

07757 334073 richard@heli-air.uk “Sometimes a different viewpoint is all you need”

About us....

Richard Helliar - founder and pilot

Heli-air Imaging

For the past 30 years I have been employed as an Architectural Technologist in several architectural practices within the Bristol and Bath area. After seeing the latest drones and the quality of the images which could be obtained I realised that various sectors of the construction industry could benefit from this technology. Site surveys, roof condition surveys, company promotional material and property sales were just some of the areas which could be enhanced using aerial images.    Heli-air Imaging has been formed to provide these services.


Drones (or Small Unmanned Aircraft to give them their correct title) have received much bad press due to use by untrained users with little or no knowledge of the regulations relating to their use. In order to be flown and used commercially the Civil Aviation Authority requires pilots to be registered and assessed including their full operating procedures before a Permit for Commercial Operations will be issued.  We have been assessed and certified as meeting the CAA requirements by EUROUSC.

CAA registered and assessed

Construction site experience

Permit for Commercial Operations

Association for Project Safety member

£2 million insurance cover

CSCS Professionally Qualified Person

What we do...

We maintain strict operational procedures fully documented as required by the CAA

Every job is different but each requires the same detailed level of preparation. From your initial enquiry we:-

> Carry out a Pre-site Survey to assess the viability of the flight operations

> Discuss your particular detailed requirements

> Carry out a Risk Assessment

> Obtain any necessary permissions for flight operations

> Carry out a further On-site Survey upon arrival